We want to thank you all for the amazing support after our soft launch on June 12th. The abundance of direct messages and positive support we’ve received is overwhelming and truly gratifying. We can’t wait to begin this journey and to bring you all along for the ride.

We’re excited to announce that merchandise sales have begun and that we’re working hard to launch the vacation rentals page. Be sure to keep checking back for updates and if you haven’t already, please subscribe; we are currently offering FREE memberships!

This community is already starting to feel like family and we’re so excited to connect and grow with you all. Thank you for believing in this country and for believing in us. Cheers

-June 18,2019


Welcome to First Responder Pages (FRP), a website designed and dedicated to first responders and their families. Our sole purpose was to create a community based on the fundamental concepts of loyalty, respect, and trust to ensure that you no longer have to anguish the uncertainty of unreliable, untrustworthy websites to sell, purchase, or rent your most valuable possessions. The comfort that comes with selling your property or renting your vacation home to someone who understands and respects these concepts and is part of your first responder family is invaluable.

FRP is also intended to be an outlet to support and promote First Responder’s side businesses to other firefighters and law enforcement officers across the United States. Whether your business is related to the industry or not, this community will want to support you, regardless. Lastly, the support doesn’t end there: we have created a dedicated section to husbands and wives. We understand the stress and heartache these jobs can bring to families so we wanted a safe place for you to go where you are able to share stories, gain support, or just have a community of listening ears that understand exactly what you’re going through.

-James Whitney. April 5, 2019

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